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Consulting quality with added value right from the start
Let’s face it: you want to fill your open positions urgently, and you don’t have the time, the know-how or the internal capacity to deal with the latest methods in digital recruiting? Don’t know how to get to the right candidates and gain an advantage in the competitive skilled labor market?

Hire characters that fit you
I develop customized recruiting strategies for your company that focus on the measures that really make sense and fit your target group. And thus find the employees with the right mindset.
Hire employees who fit your company. Employee character, motivation and passion will drive your business forward and develop a strong company culture. This will pay off for your business in the end.
Because: Nothing costs a company more than the wrong employees!

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Full Cycle Recruiting

Recruiting process from one source - your benefit:

Active Sourcing Methods

Using digital sourcing methods to track candidates’ digital footprints – this is how I find talent for you via the right channels that others don’t discover. This also allows passive candidates to be reached, specialists to be targeted, and the candidate experience to be optimized.

International professionals  

The shortage of skilled workers is omnipresent. Certain positions therefore remain unfilled for a long time. I look across the borders for you after specialists from the international labor market, who bring the appropriate skills. The advantages are clear: vacant positions can be filled more quickly, employees from abroad are highly motivated, bring fresh ideas and new approaches, and thus have a positive effect on the corporate culture.

Interim Recruiting Management

Are the capacities of your HR department not sufficient and is there an acute need in recruitment? Or do you not (yet) have an HR manager in your start-up?

Especially in start-ups and smaller companies, the founders and managing directors often still take care of HR themselves. But when it comes to team building, recruiting or the implementation of the necessary processes, they often reach their limits because they simply lack time and know-how.

As an interim manager, I provide goal-oriented support to companies, especially startups, scale ups and OMEs. Whether for short-term capacity bottlenecks, team building or project management: I deliver the defined results – quickly, effectively and adeptly.

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Interim Recruiting Management - Your benefit:

Strengthen your employer branding  

Are you considered a good employer? Would employees recommend your company to others? Employer branding is one of the most important elements of recruiting and has a significant impact on success. Strengthen your employer brand on the job market. I will show you why employee satisfaction is an important parameter of employer branding.

Candidate Centricity Recruiting

Candidate Journey is the candidate’s path from the first point of contact with the company to the completion of the application process. It is about seeing the application process with all its stages from the candidate’s perspective. This path should be simple, exciting and personalized – based on an appreciative approach.

Conscious candidate experience management has a positive effect on the company’s success: Candidates stay in the application process because they are emotionally bound. Applicants make positive recommendations, regardless of the outcome.

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Strategy consulting - digital update for your recruiting

Are your search methods and recruiting processes up-to-date and effective? Are you successful in attracting and retaining new employees with the tools you use?

Modern recruiting needs professional, clearly defined processes and tools, whether for performance management, applicant management or talent management.

Recruiting Training
I put your search methods to the test, check communication and processes of your employee recruitment. The results provide information on the need for optimization. From this, I develop a future-proof recruiting method kit and accompany your team during the internal implementation – within the framework of a recruiting training.

Successful fulfillment with the right strategy - your benefit:


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